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  Provisional 2010 show dates in the Middle East (Jan.-April)  

The 2010 show calendar in the Middle East countries is so far ready and fixed. gives you the provisional dates from January to April:

15.-16. Jan.
AJMAN Show * United Arab Emirates (ECAHO C-rated)
24-29. Jan.
AKAHF - Auction, Race, Endurance, Show* Saudi Arabia
27.-29. Jan.
AL KHALEDIAH Int. A-Show * Saudi Arabia (ECAHO A-rated)
10.-12. Febr.
The ABU DHABI Int. Show * U.A.E. (ECAHO B-show)
17.-18. Febr.
The First KUWAIT National Championship (ECAHO Nat. Show)
21.-23. Febr.
QATAR International Show * Doha (ECAHO A-show)
11.-13. March
SHARJAH Int. Show * United Arab Emirates (ECAHO A-show)
18.-20. March
DIAHC -The Dubai Int. Show * U.A.E. (ECAHO Title show)
07.-08. April
The 3rd AL MOHAMADIA Riyadh Show *KSA (ECAHO B-show)
15.-18- April
World Breeders Cup LAS VEGAS * USA

For more informations about the AKAHF Festival visit the official AKAHF website, our coverages and publications about the 1st and 2nd AKAHF Festival & Show, and the Feature about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia._____________ (03. Dec. 2009)


U.S. Nat'l Champion DAKHARO

U.S. Nat.Res.Filly ABHA PALMA

  U.S.Nationals 2009 - Dakharo & Abha Palma winning ...  

At the 2009 U.S. Nationals, three famous and world reknown horses from the Middle East made their foot steps and success: the multiple international and triple World Champion Stallion/reserve, DAKHARO, proudly owned by HRH Prince Khaled bin Sultan Al Saud and his famous Al Khalediah Stables, from Saudi Arabia, was honoured with the ultimate ribbons as the 2009 U.S. National Champion Stallion 6 years and over.
The three-year-old filly ABHA PALMA (by Marwan Al Shaqab), proudly owned by HH Prince Abdullah bin Fahad Al Saud, Al Mohamadia Stud, also from Saudi Arabia achieved the title as U.S. National Reserve Champion Junior Mares 3-5 years. After her several championship titles in Europe in 2008, being World Champion Filly 2008 in Paris, and Reserve Champion Filly in Las Vegas in 2009, her row of big successes continues to accumulate.
Another 'European' mare, ABHA MYRA, also a Marwan Al Shaqab daughter, bred by Marieta Salas, from Spain, but owned by Al Shaqab, Qatar, was third in the final championships of Senior Mares 6 years & older.
The great success of MARWAN AL SHAQAB as a sire once again was demonstrated at the 2009 U.S. Nationals, whilst his son ARIA IMPRESSARIO won U.S. National Champion Junior Stallions 3-5 years.
Congratulations to all breeders, owners, and handlers, and all who helped to make this success happen! ____________________________ (15. November 2009)



  The Al Khalediah Show 2010 upgraded to 'A'  

During the ECAHO meeting in Bruessels on the 11th of July, the Al Khalediah International Arabian Horse Show in Saudi Arabia was upgraded to 'A' show level. The 2010 show will be the third edition. The AKAHF (Al Khalediah Arabian Horse Festival) started in 2008 as an International B-Show. Due to the improved standard, class and level of this show, as well as the the tremendous national and international interest and the number of horses from inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, due to the excellent organization, the ECAHO committee confirmed this show to be A-rated. The AKAHF 2010 is planned to be held again at the end of January, starting with the Endurance race, followed by Racing, the Auction, the Show, and for the first time Show Jumping. The AKAHF 2010 will be a six-day-event supported by the generosity, the vision and the ideas of HRH Prince Khaled bin Sultan Al Saud, and will be held again at his private Al Khalediah Farm, the Al Khalediah Racetrack, and last year's newly built Al Khalediah Showground and Endurance course - all consistantly set up inside the farm! _____ _(16. July 2009)



  DIAHC 2010 in Dubai - A new 'Title Show'  

According to our information from the Show Organizers, the Dubai International Arabian Horse Championship (DIAHC) will be held as an ECAHO "Title Show" next year. In 2010, it will be the 7th DIAHC show, and since 2007, it has been an ECAHO A-rated show, but now it has been promoted to a so-named "Title show". Dubai will be the fifth Title Show along with the All Nations Cup Aachen, the European and the World Championships and the Middle East Championships in Jordan. The former "Dubai Gold Cup", that has run for the last three years and was based upon results of a series of selected ECAHO A-rated shows, was setup for a last time in 2009 and will not be continued. ________________ (13. May 2009)



The NAWASY 2009-02 issue

NAWASY magazine No.1/2009

  NAWASY - A new magazine has started  

A new Arab Horse magazine started up in 2009 and has already published it's first two issues. The NAWASY magazine is published in Saudi Arabia and distributed all over the Middle East but also intended earlier or later, for internationally. The publisher is Fahad Al Dughalbi, a young horse expert from Riyadh, who realized his dream to create his own magazine that represents the beauty of the Arab horse, reports on the major shows throughout the Middle East and Europe, and it promotes the breed in it's modern international quality and standard.

Fahad Al Dughalbi studied at university finishing his degree in media, before he started his obligation in apublishing department of the Saudi government. His enthusiasm about the Arab horses combined with his experience and studies in media provides him with the ability to establish the NAWASY magazine. It is presently produced in Arabic, but during 2009, articles will also be translated to English. For the photographic quality, the magazine had been able to obtain the committment of the internationall well known Arab horse photographer, Irina Filsinger, and with her support garantueeing high quality images.

In 2009, the NAWASY magazine is planned to be published six times, with the first edition already issued in January, right in time for distribution at the Al Khalediah Festival. The second edition was published in March 2009, and distributed in Dubai at the show, contenting among others, the Ajman 2009 show, the Al Khalediah Arabian horse Show and Festival, the First Abu Dhabi International Show, and the Qatar International Show. The NAWASY magazine will be distributed in Saudi Arabia, and the Middle East, to studfarms, breeders, companies and will also be available by free distribution at major shows in the Middle East and Europe.

Breeders and stud farms from the Arab countries, Europe, the U.S. and Australia have already placed their ads and also several international stud farms have indicated their interest for publicity in NAWASY. Advertising inquiries are welcome, contact for details. Arabic speaking - contact Fahad Al Dughalbi. e-mail:; International/English speaking - contact FilCoARt International, e-mail: _______________________________ (03. May 2009)



Champion LAYAN Al Khalediah

Reserve Champion ABHA PALMA

  Las Vegas 2009 ... Champions from Saudi Arabia & Poland  

Great Success for Saudi Arabia and Poland at the 2009 Arabian Breeders World Cup held 16th -19th April in Las Vegas:
Both Senior Supreme Champion title winners originate from Poland, the 5-year-old Champion Mare EMANDORIA (Gazal el Shaqab x Emanda) and the 14-year-old Reserve EMBRA (Monogramm x Emilda). Both were bred by Michalow Stud and are from the famous 'E' dam line.
The two Junior Female titles went to Saudi Arabia, with LAYAN AL KHALEDIAH (by Dakharo), the 2007 World Champion Filly, in the lead. She won sovereign with 5 of votes from the six judges in the very top. LAYAN is proudly bred and owned by the famous Al Khalediah Stables of HRH Prince Khaled bin Sultan Al Saud. The reserve title went to the 2008 World Champion Filly, ABHA PALMA (by Marwan Al Shaqab), owned by the Al Mohamadia Stud of HH Prince Abdullah bin Fahad Al Saud. Also ABHA PALMA won her title souvereign being named 2nd in all judges' cards.
In a strong and tight competition, LAYAN's sire DAKHARO, added his success to the Al Khalediah Stables' records, being 2009 Las Vegas Reserve Champion Stallion with three of the six votes for 1st.
Also the Junior Champion Colt brought more honours to the Middle East although bred in and presented for the U.S., the three-year-old STIVAL. He is a paternal half-brother to EMANDORIA, as a son by GAZAL AL SHAQAB and an upraising star in the fields. For sure, we will hear more about him in the future. ___ _(20. April 2009)



  The Third Al Mohamadia Riyadh Show 2009 postponed  

Due to some unexpected situation with the showground and the venue, the Third annual Al Mohamadia Show in Riyadh has been postponed! Originally the ECAHO C-rated show was scheduled for 1st and 2nd of April. Now it is possibly going to be re-scheduled after the summer months, when the hot desert climate will be changed again to some more convenient temperatures for such an event - for people as well as for the horses. More detailed information will be launched as soon as known._____________________________________________________ _ (09. March 2009)



  Abu Dhabi Int. Show with very interesting Prize Money  

The First Abu Dhabi International Show, held in the middle of February 2009, gave the opportunity for two new trial experiences:
Firstly, six judges were used in each class, with the highest and the lowest score scratched and deleted from consideration.
Secondly, the Patron of the show, HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, placed a huge sum of prize money, that was finally allocated by the organizing committee in a very interesting and attractive way. Not only did the champions and reserves get a good share of the prize money, but also the 1st to 5th placed horse in each class gained an amount of 100.000 Dirhams (about 22.000 EUR). The Champions and reserves, and all the special Award winners received an additional amount. For more details, please refer to our coverage about this First Abu Dhabi International Show in our 'Shows/ Events' section.
__________________(27. Febr. 2009)



  Ahmed Hamza new Chairman of the EAO in Egypt  

Ahmed Hamza, longtime breeder of Arabian horses in Egypt, and a successful business man, became Chairman of the EAO (Egyptian Agricultural Society). The EAO is a department of the government in Egypt and includes also the famous El Zahraa Stud in Cairo. Ahmed Hamza comes from a longtime breeders' family whose stud of 'Hamdan Stables' was one of the four best known in Egypt in the 70s. Today, Ahmed Hamza has his own horses, breeding and studfarm, following the traditional name of 'Hamdan Stables', while his aunt, Fatma Hamza, has also her own 'Hamdan Stables' stud with her own breeding programme and horses.
Ahmed Hamza took over the responsibility for the EAO and for the El Zahraa Stud in Cairo, and besides doing all the obligatory work and management, he is intending to provide a serious advice and some new ideas, combining the historical and traditional value of the El Zahraa Stud with some modern visions. ________________________________________________________________________ (20. Febr. 2009)



  Straight Egyptian Mare sold for 3 Million Saudi Riyals  

At the Al Khalediah auction on January 25th, held during the 2009 AKAHF festival at the Al Khalediah Farm about 80 km outside the Saudi captal Riyadh, a total of 67 horses were offered, with a great number of the horses sold. Some of the horses did not reach the reserve price, even though the interest was there and a last bid was more than 200.000 Saudi Riyals. However, one horse, the last lot in the day and auction, really hit the nail, beating all expectations and records: Ansata NILE PEARL, a 1997 born straight Egyptian mare by Ansata Hejazi and out of Ansata White Nile. She was sold for 3 Milllion Saudi Riyals (about 640.000 EUR). her buyer is Sheikh Khaled Bagedo, from Jeddah, the owner of the well known Al Khaled Farm that had been based in Egypt for many years while the studfarm's place recently sold. Some horses are based in Jeddah, and a group of show horses in Belgium, to be shown in Europe. One might be curious to see where the newly achieved mare will be placed. More on the AKAHF 2009 auction and festival find in the coverage of our 'Show/Events' section. ___________________ (09. Febr. 2009)






Middle East events & ECAHO shows 2009 (Jan.-April)  
The 2009 show calendar starts very busy and active. For all who are already planning their holidays or visit to one or another Middle East show - here the actual overview of show dates from January to March (provisional dates):  
16.-17. Jan.
AJMAN Show * United Arab Emirates (ECAHO C-rated)
25.-27. Jan.
AKAHF Festival- Auction, Race, Endurance * Saudi Arabia
28.-30. Jan.
AKAHF Al Khalediah Int.Show * Saudi Arabia (ECAHO B-show)
01.-05. Febr.
The WAHO Conference in Oman & post tour (6.-9./12. Febr.)
12.-13. Febr.
The First ABU DHABI Int.Show * U.A.E. (ECAHO B-show)
23.-25. Febr.
QATAR International Show * Doha (ECAHO A-show)
19.-21. March
DIAHC -The Dubai Int. Show * U.A. Emirates (ECAHO A-show)
26.-27. March
SHARJAH Int. Show * United Arab Emirates (ECAHO A-show)
01.-02. April
The 3rd AL MOHAMADIA Riyadh Show *KSA (ECAHO C-show)

For more informations about the AKAHF Festival & Al Khalediah Show and Festiva - visit the official AKAHF website (click logo left) and our Feature about Saudi Arabia.

And for more informations about the WAHO Conference 2009 in Oman - see the official website (click logo left) and our Feature about the WAHO Conference Oman. ___________________________________________________ (02+07. Dec. 2008)


  PIANISSIMA - The First Triple Crown in Junior & in Senior  

When she appeared at the Polish Nationals in 2004, and just being a yearling age, PIANISSIMA immediately won - not only the title, but also the heart of many people! Within the following month, she also won the three major title shows in Europe (All Nations Cup in Aachen, European Championships, World Championships), and became a so-named "Triple Crown Winner" in the junior age group. In 2008 , and just four years later, PIANISSIMA - returned from her lease in the U.S., she repeated her success in exactly the same way as years before being Polish National Champion Mare and "Triple Crown Winner" 2008, this time in the senior age group.
PIANISSIMA is the very first horse in history who has achieved the title of Triple Crown Winner in junior AND in senior age! Congratulations must go to the breeder of this exotic mare, Dr. Marek Trela, Director of Janow Podlaski Stud, in Poland, and his Janow team. _______________________________ (20. Dec. 2008)



pictured (left-to-right)
Sheikh Hamad Bin Ali Al Thani,
MARWAN Al Shaqab, Michael Byatt,
Shirley Watts, Astrid Scharnberg/
RCH representative

  MARWAN Al Shaqab breeding auctionned to 18.000 EUR  

During the 2008 All Nations Cup in Aachen, an exciting step was taken in the international cooperation towards the improvement of the situation of therapeutic riding. Sheikh Hamad Bin Ali Al Thani, Managing Director of the famous Al Shaqab Stud, in Qatar, kindly donated a valuable breeding of MARWAN AL SHAQAB, one of the most important stallions and sires of our days today. This breeding was auctioned to the benefit of the Royal Horse Charity (RCH), an organization based in Germany. The successful bidder was Shirley Watts of Halsdon Arabians, in Great Britain, who achieved the breeding for 18.000 EUR. It was a major step forward in bringing attention to the importance of therapeutic riding. The RCH is very delighted that the community of Arab horse breeders showed once again their generosity!!_ __________________________________________________________ (07. Oct. 2008)



Sanadik El Shaklan pictured as a
5-year-old in Scottsdale 1988

  Sanadik El Shaklan (1983-2008)  

In August 2008, the 25-year-old SANADIK EL SHAKLAN passed away! SANADIK EL SHAKLAN was bred by Om El Arab Stud, and moved in the 80s, with his owners from Germany to the U.S. He is a result in second generation of the famous so-named 'Golden Cross', which is the synonym for the breeding of the straight Egyptian Morafic son Shaker El Masri with the Spanish Estopa (by Tabal). SANADIK EL SHAKLAN is by El Shaklan and out of Mohena, a daughter of the Marbach State Stud's longterm, famous straight Egyptian herdsire Hadban Enzahi. In Europe, we see SANADIK's two sons, Sandhiran (O: AJA Arabians/GB) and Om El Extreem (O: Complutum Arabians/ES; leased to Ajman Stud), and his daughters, amongst, the multiple Champion El Dorada (B./O. Michalow Stud/PL), Champion Mare Om El Shadina (B: Om El Arab Int./USA; O: Al Khalediah Stables/KSA), and the 1990 born Om El Sanadiva (O:R.Heckenbücker/DE), World Champion Filly 1992._(04.Sept. 2008)



  New 2008 Show in Jeddah and Saudi Arabia  

Whilst the neighbouring countries of the U.A.E. and Qatar have their regular schedule of several shows, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has since 1998 only held three National Shows organized by the King Abdulaziz Arabian Horse Center (KAAHC) and the team around Mr. Sami S. Al Nohait, and two shows were held in the western region in 1998 and 1999.
However, the full show circus under the umbrella of ECAHO has now started: in 2007, the First Riyadh Arabian Horse Show was held, well organized from the team of Al Mohamidiah Stud; in January 2008, the First International Al Khalediah Arabian Horse Festival (AKAHF) was held, also in Riyadh. Both will become annual show events in the future. And now, a third show event has been added: on 5th & 6th of November 2008, the First Al Ward Western Region Show will take place, an ECAHO C-show that will be held in Jeddah andorganized from Mr. Ahmed and Salem Badrig.
So we will see, at least, three annual shows in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, from now on and in the future. ___________________________________________(12. August 2008)



  KWESTURA sold for 1,125 Million Euro  

The 2008 Pride of Poland auction provided a huge surprise and tremendous sensation by making available the 2007 World Champion, Scottsdale, and multiple International Champion Mare KWESTURA, a Monogramm daughter out of Kwesta! So everybody became focussed for the second weekend of August, when the Polish National Show and Auction is held each year. And indeed, this year's auction result became a special event, in total but especially so because of this mare. Three buyers, one from Europe, and two from the Middle East, were bidding against each other to acquire this outstanding and exquisite mare. And finally, the hammer felt down at 1,125 Million Euros - in favour of the happy and proud new owner HH Sheikh Ammar bin Humaid Al Nuaimi and his famous Ajman Stud in the UAE.
In addition, KWESTURA's son, the very typey and elegant two-year-old KABSZTAD (by Poganin) was judged to be the Polish National Champion Colt the day before, repeating his championship titles from the 2008 Bialka Junior Spring Show in June (see our coverage in the 'Shows' section).
KWESTURA is in foal to QR MARC due February 2009 foal. Congratulations to HH Sheikh Ammar on adding this exquisite mare to his collection. ______(11. August 2008)



  The Sultanate of Oman hosts the 2009 WAHO Conference  

It is with great pleasure and honour that the Sultanate of Oman will host the next WAHO Conference to take place from 31st of January to 5th of February, 2009. His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said has established a group of the most competent people to make this visit to the WAHO Conference and Oman a most exciting and unforgettable experience to all visitors attending the WAHO Conference. Headed by H.E. Nassr Bin Humood Al Kindi, the Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Brigadier Abdulrazak Bin Abdulqader Alshahwarzi, the Vice Chairman, and Mr. Salim Sulaiman Al Mahrooqi, Deputy Director General, Oman will welcome everybody being interested to share the experience in the sultanate, a country that loves horses and dignifies their historical importance.
During and after the essential conference meetings, visitors and guests will have the opportunity to participate in a post-tour to see more of the country, the culture, and some of the most beautiful places in Oman. will keep you informed with more details about the WAHO conference and Sultanate of Oman soon. Visit also their official website and just click the logo. _(03. Aug. 2008)



  The Executive Secretary is leaving ECAHO  

Guy de Fonatines, the Executive Secretary of ECAHO, leaves ECAHO on July 31st, 2008, after one year in this position. He decided not to renew another proposed six months contract with ECAHO, having requested a more stable  long term commitment which was refused by the Executive Committee. He is taking up now a new executive position in the Owner's Department of FRANCE GALOP, the governing body of Galop racing in France.
Guy de Fontaines will remain close to the Arabian horse show scene as he is requesting to be reinstated on the ECAHO B judges' list and will continue to commentate major Arabian shows, especially in the Middle East. For those who wishing to know his whereabouts, he might be contacted at any time by guy.defontaines@wanadoo.fr______________________________________ ___(31. July 2008)



  Triple Crown Winner NIJEM Ibn Eternity sold to Saudi Arabia  

The Triple Crown Winner and great mover, NIJEM IBN ETERNITY, has a new owner. Al Khalediah Stables, from Saudi Arabia, has just purchased the now seven-year-old stallion who had a great show career as a junior.
NIJEM IBN ETERNITY was Triple Crown Winner in 2004, winning Champion Colt in all three so-named "Title Shows" in Europe in the same year, namely, the All Nations Cup Show in Aachen, the European Championships, and the World Championships in Paris.
After his success in 2004, he was based at the European Training Center in Belgium to fulfill his tasks as breeding stallion. This year the now seven-year-old NIJEM returns to the showring competing amongst the stallions. He will be shown for the first time this year in senior age, this at the A-show in Menton, proudly presented by Philippe Hosay for the new owner, Al Khalediah. _______(15. June 2008)



The new DRAV President (left),
HE Christian of Fuerstenberg,
and the former President
Dr. Hussein Al Rheda (right)

  The German Racing Society DRAV with a new President  

The German Racing Society DRAV (Deutscher Rennverband für Arabische Vollblueter e.V.) had it's Annual General Meeting on 22nd of May 2008, when a new President was elected, the 30-year-old H.E. Christian Hereditery Prince of Fuerstenberg. He follows up the footsteps of his mother, H.E. Princess of Fuerstenberg, who had been leading and influencing the DRAV in a positive way from 1995 to 2002. H.E. Christian of Fuerstenberg grew up with horses, he is an active polo player, and with his family, runs a successful breeding programme of purebred Arabian racing horses. He speaks five languages, and proclaimed to be an active DRAV president on behalf of the members and the society. The former president, Dr. Hussein Al Rheda received standing ovations and was elected as President of Honour. Dr. Al Rheda will go utilise his relations with H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, from Dubai, for continued sponsorship of the DRAV flat racings. _______(25. May 2008)



  Champion Stallion PADRONS IMMAGE gifted to the King  

The famous Champion Stallion PADRONS IMMAGE, many times succeesful at the major shows, and sire of many international champions, including the World Champion Filly KADIDJA CATHARE has a new home: Al Khalediah Stables gifted him as a special honour and pride to His Majesty, King Abdullah Ben Abdul Aziz, Saudi Arabia. In his famous Janadria Farm, PADRONS IMMAGE now has his new home, next to the famous stallions and champions BJ THEE MUSTAFA, KORONEC, TALADINN, MONITOR, SABAA Al Sahra, and the mares, BINT AL SHAMAL, JAWAHARAT Al Sahraa, and ROBIN K, the 2006 World Champion Mare who was also gifted last year from Al Khalediah and HRH Prince Khaled bin Sultan Al Saud to his uncle, the king of Saudi Arabia. PADRONS IMMAGE was already entered in the name of'Stables of King Abdullah & Sons' at the Al Khalediah International Show, but was handed over to his new owner just one week after the show, and with great happiness, then together with the ribbons and trophy as the brand new Champion Stallion of the Al Khalediah International Show 2008.______(05. Febr. 2008)



  NOWARAT Al Khalediah owned by Ajman Stud now  

A very unhappy moment hit Sheikh Ammar bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, from the Ajman Stud, and his team before the 2008 International Al Khalediah Show in Saudi Arabia in January 2008: whilst unloading the Ajman horses and show contenders from the truck after arrival at the showground in Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Ammar's very beautiful homebred yearling filly byMarwan Al Shaqab felt down and broke her leg. Without any moment of hesitation, HRH Prince Khaled bin Sultan Al Saud, the patron and host of the show, and the Al Khalediah Stables director, Sheikh Mutlaq Ben Mushref, decided to gift to Sheikh Ammar with replacement by their own Marwan Al Shaqab daughter, the 2004 born, well known and many times successfully shown chestnut NOWARAT AL KHALEDIAH. This is why three days later, NOWARAT competed at the Al Khalediah show for the Ajman Stud, and she was 2nd in her class (see in our "Shows" section)____________________(05. Febr. 2008)



  Sharjah International Arabian Horse Festival 2008  

In 2008, the show in Sharjah will be held on 13.-15th March, one week before the Dubai show, where in previous years, it has been the other way round. The SERC (Sharjah Equestrian & Racing Club) hosts the three-day-event, and the judges of the ECAHO affiliated 'A' show are: Titti Gagliani/ Italy, Nayla Hayek/Switzerland, Marianne Tengstedt/ Denmark, Jerzy Bialobok/ Poland, and Dr. Nasr Marei/ Egypt. For any visitor interested into attending, the international airport destination is Dubai, and then it is only a 30 to 40 minutes taxi drive to the emirate of Sharjah. The official hotel is again the "Holiday International" Sharjah - see the website! And for further information about the show, contact the SERC by _________________________________________________(23. Jan. 2008)


  ECAHO Show Calendar 2008 online & Paris show date  

The new 2008 ECAHO show calendar is finally online - just click here! The published list is the actual status based on information received by ECAHO before the deadline, although shows might be added, cancelled or changed in date later on. However, one show that is already subject of change: the Paris 2008 World Championships will be held from 12.-14. December 2008 (not on 5.-7th December as is stated in the originally published ECAHO show calendar)! ______ (12. Jan. 2008)



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