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  AKAHF 2008 - Auction catalogue online  

The Al Khalediah auction catalogue with pictures and all details on the horses is online - click here to follow up the preview! ______________ ____________h (30. Dec. 2007)



  ECAHO starts with Licenses for Handlers  

'On the way to more professionalism - licenses for handlers' - this is how ECAHO announces a new resolution: handlers who want to show at an ECAHO B-, A- or Title show need to hold a license! This starts from May 1st, 2008, and the license for those shows is obligatory. The document will be issued by ECAHO office upon application and upon payment of 10 EUR. Handlers will need to carry this pocket passport regularly with them to present to the DCs and/or show officials at any time requested. The document will be the same throughout the handler's career, and all licenses will be linked to an ECAHO database in order that the careers of handlers, judges, DCs can be followed with more accuracy. _________h (27. Dec. 2007)



  ECAHO Shows from January to March 2008  
The old year ends and the new one already starts with a very busy 2008. Here is an overview of show dates from January to March (provisional dates):  
17.-18. Jan.
Al Khalediah Int. Show * Saudi Arabia (ECAHO B-rated)
25.-26. Jan.
Ajman Show * United Arab Emirates (ECAHO C-rated)
07.-08. Febr.
UAE National Show, Abu Dhabi * U.A. Emirates (Nationals)
25.-27. Febr.
Qatar International Show (ECAHO A-rated)
13.-15. March
Sharjah Int. Show * United Arab Emirates (ECAHO A-rated)
20.-22. March
DIAHC -Dubai Int. Show * U.A. Emirates (ECAHO A-rated)
(27. Dec. 2007)


  MCA MAGNUM GOLD coming to Europe  

Another most interesting stallion will soon be arriving from the U.S. to Europe: MCA MAGNUM GOLD. Acquired by Al Khaled Farm, MCA MAGNUM GOLD is a 2000 born son by Magnum Psyche and out of Litique, a daughter by Litigor, and a maternal grand daughter of The Egyptian Prince. The new proud owner is Sheikh Khaled Ahmed Bagido, orginally from Saudi Arabia, but known for several years with his "Al Khaled Farm" and his straight Egyptian breeding in Egypt. Since 2007, Sheikh Bagido started a second programme with high class show horses of different bloodlines being competitive in international shows. MCA MAGNUM GOLD is another step in this show philosophy. Planned to arrive to Europe in February 2008, he will stay in Europe to be shown by the very talented young Belgian trainer, Glenn Schoukens. Breedings will be available, for information contact Al Khaled Farm and it's stud manager, Ward Bemong.___________________ (14. Dec. 2007)



GALILEA - in Paris 2005
  World Champion Mare 2005 officially honored in Paris  

A little bit away from public eye and the audience, in a room next to the show organizers office, ECAHO officials and members, judges and friends gathered together during the Paris 2007 show on Saturday afternoon, after the male classes, to congratulate the new official 2005 World Champion Mare GALILEA. Michalow Stud's Director, Jerzy Bialobok, has now received officially the champion ribbons and trophy for her, while SIMOURAH W is reserve. This change in the 2005 results came after the formerly celebrated 2005 Champion Mare was tested positive, and a long procedure took place until the matter was solved. It is officially celebrated now, unfortunately a bit away from the public. ___ (12.Dec. 2007)



  AKAHF 2008 - The Al Khalediah Arabian Horse Festival  

The First International Al Khalediah Arabian Horse Show and Festival is in progress - read more about it in our new Feature. The AKAHF will take place at the most beautiful location of Al Khalediah Farm, held from 15th -18th January 2008, and includes an auction with a selected group of purebred Arabian horses (for racing, showing, and breeding), a race meeting at the new Al Khalediah racetrack, and the show. Owners of European horses eligible for the ECAHO B-rated show have received invitations, and guests and interested people have started making their plans to visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to attend the AKAHF 2008. We will keep you updated about the festival, and we will also bring up in the near future an article with some helpful informations about the customs, culture, people and daily life in Saudi Arabia. __________________ ______ (05. Nov. 2007)



  New book 'Asil Arabians - Volume VI' published  

The new Asil Arabians documentation is published: ASIL ARABIANS, The Noble Arabian Horses - Volume VI. It is the sixth edition of the documentation issued by the Asil Club e.V. completely revised and in English, Arabic, and German, with 944 pp. and 500 color illustrations.The book introduces the reader to the history and development of breeding Asil Arabians. It reports on the lineages of Asil Arabians, on the strict pure breeding as done by the Bedouins and documents the performance capabilities and the prepotency of this extraordinary horse breed. The Asil Arabian is one of the noblest and oldest horse breeds which has constituted all Arabian bloodlines. This volume contains again many paintings and lithographies on Arabian horses by famous artists not published in a book before. A most notable chapter is „Oriens - Occidens. The Arabic Influence on Europe’s Cultural Heritage“.
'Asil Arabians VI' is a part of the so-named series DOCUMENTA HIPPOLOGICA and is available in book stores (ISBN 978-3-487-08474-9) by a retail price of EUR 68,00. It can also be ordered directly from the Asil Club or the publisher, Olms Press, and for Asil Club members, the quote is only EUR 48,00._______ (27. Oct. 2007)



  QR MARC sold and arriving to Europe  

The prominent two-year-old colt, QR MARC, bred in the U.S. and owned by Rohara Arabians, USA, was recently sold to Europe. Spectacular rumours on a spectacular price have been going around since the end of September. However, it is a fact that this excellent colt and young stallion has been sold to Europe, to Paul Gheysens of Belgium who starts his breeding programme on sire's side with QR MARC. The stallion will be professionally managed by Christine Jamar, from Belgium, assisted by Greg Gallun, in the USA. QR MARC is by Marwan Al Shaqab and out of a full sister to stallion QR Excel, who came over to Italy in the beginning of the 90s, and was sold and owned later on by Yeguada Ferrero in Mallorca. QR MARC will be based at Christine Jamar's Jadem Arabians, in Belgium, and will be available also for outside mares. ___________________(06. Oct. 2007)



  European Championships 2007 - Verona/ Italy  

The organizers of the 2007 European Championships (EC) in Verona announced the show schedule and the names of the judges.
The EC starts on Saturday, 10. November, from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m., continued next day, Sunday, 11. November, from 9 a.m. (morning) to 9 p.m. (evening).
The judges are: Christiane Chazel (France), Maria Ferraroni (Italy), Renata Schibler (Switzerland), Holger Ismer (Germany), Jaroslav Lacina (Czech Republic), Willy Poth (France). More informations find here! _______________ (15. Sept. 2007)



  Al Khalediah Arabian Horse Show - Change of Date!  

The AKAHF Show Committee informs that the dates of the ''Al Khalediah Arabian Horse Show & Festival' (AKAHF) has changed to 17th & 18th of January 2008. The show will be an ECAHO B-rated, and the very first International one in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. More information to follow soon._______ _(13. Sept. 2007)



  ELANDRA - Traveller to the Continents  

The 2007 Scottsdale Supreme Champion ELANDRA was recently sold to Australia! Born in 1995, she is a daughter of Monogramm, out of Erlanda (by Eukaliptus). Bred by the Michalow Stud in Poland, the white and very feminine beauty was offered in the 2005 "Pride of Poland" sale, and was sold to a group of Americans headed by the Sloan brothers, from Aria Arabians, hitting the record price of EUR 290.000. After two years in the U.S., ELANDRA has now been sold to a new breeder from Australia, at this time for another new record. Congratulations, and good luck to all, especially to ELANDRA! _____________________ (15. August 2007)




Filly res. JAWAHARAT

  SKAS Champions at the International Show in Stroehen  

Congratulations to our partner and sponsor, the Stables of King Abdullah & Sons (SKAS), Janadria Farm, Saudi Arabia, for it's success at the International ECAHO 'B' show in Stroehen, Germany, held on 15th of July. Their two top contenders were sent and based in Europe for the 2007 show season and each took a title.
The four-year-old, homebred BINT AL SHAMAAL (Koronec x The Cover Girl), our cover girl of the 'Monthly' in July, was judged to be the Senior Champion Mare, and her three-year-old paternal half sister, JAWAHARAT AL SAHRAA (Koronec x Nouf al Talitha) was Reserve Champion Filly.
Already successfully shown in their home country, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and at the First Riyadh Arabian Horse Show in March 2007 (see in the 'Shows' section), both achieved the champion title in their specific category, JAWAHARAT among the fillies, BINT AL SHAMAAL among the mares. Many people there were so excited about these two lovely horses, saying that these two horses should compete in Europe to represent Saudi Arabia and His Majesty, the King, and his stud. So BINT AL SHAMAAL and JAWAHART AL SAHRA were sent and arrived in Europe in May. With the show in Stroehen, they had their first great moments in Europe, taking a title each. For sure, they will be seen more often in upcoming major shows._________ __________________________________ (16. July 2007)



  The First International Arabian Horse Show in Saudi Arabia  

Al Khalediah Stables proudly announce that they are organizing the First Internatio- nal Arabian Horse Event in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to be held on the 30th of October to 2nd of November, 2007, one week after the holy month of 'Ramadan'. The event will start with a Race Meeting at the new racetrack in Al Khalediah Farm, followed by an Arab Horse auction next day. The 1st and 2nd of November hosts an International ECAHO show. A panel of international judges willl be invited, and breeders from all over have already confirmed their attendance. keeps you updated.______________ (18.June 2007)



Supreme Ch. Female ATHENAA

Champion Stallion F-SHAMAAL

  Champions of the 2007 Egyptian Event in Lexington/U.S.  

As in every year, the Egyptian Event is held in Lexington, Kentucky/ USA during the first week of June. The show is a six-day-event and a gathering of straight Egyptian and Egyptian related horses in halter, liberty, ridden classes, in endurance, clinics and seminars, and a huge marketplace of art and equipment.

In 2007, both Supreme Champions (male and female) came from Saudi Arabia: Champion Mare and Supreme Champion Female is the 5-year-old, Egyptian-related ATHENAA, originally bred in Europe, daughter of the straight Egyptian Ashhal Al Rayyan, and out of ASS Windi.
Champion Stallion is the chestnut, 2000 born straight Egyptian F-SHAMAAL, a Maysoun son, out of Sarameena, originally bred in Germany. And Supreme Champion Male is the Egyptian related WARD AL KHALEDIAH, a 2005 born, bred in Saudi Arabia, by The Ricochet, out of Psyches Kiss.

All three are owned by Al Khalediah Stables and HRH Prince Khaled Bin Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, from Riyadh. The Egyptian Event became a triple success for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and made another new record for Al Khalediah Stables. Congratulations to the owner, HRH Prince Khaled Bin Sultan Al Saud, and the successful Managing Director, Mutlaq Ben Mushref. _____________(10. June 2007)



  One Million U.S.-Dollars in the Dubai Gold Cup 2007/2008  

The new Dubai Gold Cup (DGC) series has already started. The first show in the
series was the Sharjah 2007 show and it continues with the A-rated show Menton 2007, the A-rated shows Borgloon 2007 and Towerlands 2007, both in August, the Paris 2007 World Championships, the Qatar 2008 show in February, and the Dubai 2008 show in March. Another brand new piece of information has just reached us: the prize money of the Dubai Gold Cup 2007/2008 has been increased to 1 Million US-Dollars in total with US-$ 250,000 to each winner in the four categories (fillies, colts, mares, stallions)! The total value of prizes for the 2008 show is US-$ 4 Millions, including the DGC prize money, the cars for the champions, the watches, and all the trophies and awards. ___________(29. May 2007)




  Stallion MESSAOUD (1979-2007) passed away  

The straight Egyptian stallion MESSAOUD recently passed away at the age of 28.
Born in 1979, and having received the honor from the German Arab Horse Society as ELITE Stallion himself, he was a son of the ELITE mare, MAYMOONAH (Hadban Enzahi x Malikah) bred by Dr. Erwin Filsinger, who was also the dam of the famous ELITE stallion MAYMOON, her first son.
The sire of MESSAOUD was the EAO bred MADKOUR (by Morafic), who was owned by the late Gunther Seidlitz, from Germany, the breeder of MESSAOUD. Sold to the Rudolph family, they showed MESSAOUD several times in Germany at regional shows succeeding in championship titles. As a young stallion, he won his class at the International C-Show in Paris which preceeded the World Championships in those years, and in 1986, he was the Asil Cup Champion Stallion. MESSAOUD achieved great attention as a sire in the mid 80s when two of his sons were purchased by Imperial Stud from, and subsequently, exported to the U.S.: the straight Egyptian IMPERIAL MADHEEN (*84), a weanling at that time, and later on a famous sire of international influence; and the one year older ORASHAN (*83). Five years later, MESSAOUD followed his sons to the United States, and was based and leased to the German breeder Erich Hagenlocher living in California. The U.S. market did not evaluate this opportunity enough, so MESSAOUD's owners decided to take him back home to Germany after two years. Afterwards, he was presented at public events only a few more times. This was in special displays with the Rudolph family's kids dressed as Arabs sitting on or under MESSAOUD's back, and proving that an Arabian stallion might be a sire, a champion but also a wonderful and handsome companion and family horse. Five years after his famous son Imperial MADHEEN passed away, MESSAOUD has left to the evergreen pastures, leaving more than 500 foals behind.______(25. May2007)




  The new ECAHO President is elected!  
The new president of ECAHO is Willy Luder, from Switzerland and Italy. Being a longterm breeder of Arabian horses, always breeding for beauty and performance ability, he is also best known as an active member of the Italian and Swiss Arab horse societies. And he supported the international shows in Europe, the Near and Middle East for many years as a qualified speaker, ring steward and DC. Willy Luder is a former pilot and airline employee, in addition to being a successful businessman leading his own companies for many years, so well experienced in setting concepts, business plans and building up a competent team. After the former ECAHO president, Ferdinand Huemer, resigned in February 2007 leaving some critical issues and problems behind to solve, Willy Luder takes up the challenge. We will see how he will re-organize the ECAHO to move things forward, placing his "hand writing" to the best of the Arabian horse and industry! _________________________________________________________________________(05. May 2007)


  ROBIN-K honored to the King of Saudi Arabia  

HRH Prince Khaled bin Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, the proud owner of Al Khalediah Stables, in Saudi Arabia, gave a very special honour and demonstrated his appreciation to His Majesty, King Abdullah, from Saudi Arabia: he gifted multiple International and World Champion Mare ROBIN-K to His Majesty, this is out of his great respect and appreciation to King Abdullah for his wonderful support and contribution to the horses of Saudi Arabia!
After her great success as 2006 All Nations Cup Champion Mare and 2006 World Champion Mare, ROBIN-K went on to compete for Al Khalediah in Dubai in April, and won the title of Champion Mare. She was also the winner of the Dubai Gold Cup 'Mares' 2006/2007 (see our Dubai 2007 show coverage). Directly after this show and these success, HRH Prince Khaled flew her back to Saudi Arabia to present her to His Majesty, where ROBIN K has now a new and another beautiful home at the Stables of King Abdullah & Sons (see our Feature)._____(02. May 2007)



2007 Vegas Champion DAKHARO

2007 Champ.Mare res.ATHENAA

2007 Champion Colt res.MARAJJ

  DAKHARO, ATHENAA, MARAJJ winning in Las Vegas 2007  

The very first Las Vegas show was held on 20th to 22nd of April 2007, and was glamourously promoted. One of the main focuses of the organizing team had been to reflect the European way of showing and the European system in the U.S. market and to introduce something new in the country.
Several horses bred in Europe as well as from owners of ECAHO affiliated countries, best known in the European and Middle East show scene were sent to the U.S. to compete at this very first Las Vegas show. Among them, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Saoud al Qasimi, of Albidayer Stud, in Sharjah, the United Arab Emirates sent his famous colt MARAJJ (Marwan Al Shaqab x RGA Kouress), and the newly aquired, younger full sister to him. In addition, Al Khalediah Stables, from Saudi Arabia, sent four horses: Multiple Champion and double World Champion res., DAKHARO; the Dubai 2006 Champion Mare ATHENAA, Champion F.SHAMAAL, and their new filly, the 2005 born Om el BERNADETTE.

The First Arabian Breeders World Cup in Las Vegas resulted in a success for both with Albidayer Stud's MARAJJ (see also his Monthly & Portrait) winning the Reserve Championship Colts, and his one year younger full sister, DL MARIELLE, came second in her class.
Al Khalediah Stables and the horses of HRH Prince Khaled Bin Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, moved ahead on their great avenue of championship success, now also in the U.S. Al Khalediah Stables took three championship titles: DAKHARO (Dakar el Jamaal x FOF Kharolina) became the 2007 Vegas Champion Stallion; the five-year-old ATHENAA (Ashhal Al Rayyan x Ass Windi) the 2007 Vegas Reserve Champion Mare; and one of their newest achievements, the two-year-old Om el BERNADETTE (Om el Shahmaan x Om el Benedict) became Champion Filly.

'Mabrouk' (=congratulations) to all successful horses, breeders, owners, handlers, and exhibitors, and we are looking forward to next year and the 2nd Arabian Breeders World Cup show in Las Vegas!________________ _____ (22. April 2007)



  Double World Champion Stallion PIRUET in Poland  

The 1983 born, double World Champion PIRUET (Partner x Pieczec) returned to his country of origin, Poland. In 2006, he was leased to Janow Podlaski Stud, where he was bred and has now produced some excellent foals. In 2007, he moved to Michalow Stud to be bred to some of the best mares there. PIRUET succeeded twice as World Champion Stallion, 1989 and 1995, and is famous for his exquisite type and beauty of face with a huge, dark eye. Aged 23 years, he has now got another wonderful chance to prove himself as a sire, and we may look forward to seeing his foals from Poland competing. _____________________________ (26. March 2007)



  Imperial PHANILAH passed away  

The famous straight Egyptian Imperial PHANILAH (Ansata Imperial x Imperial Phanadah), 1994 World Champion and Middle East Champion Mare, recently passed away. Bred by the Imperial Stud in the U.S. and born in 1984, Imperial PHANILAH was sold to Al Shaqab Stud in Qatar in the 90s. The classical fleabitten mare achieved many show titles, but also produced well. Her most prominent descendant is the multiple Champion AMIRA Al Shaqab (by Al Aadeed Al Shaqab). PHANILAH could not produce any more foals in the last few years,and it was difficult

to keep her in condition. This is why she was retired to have a happy life at the Al Shaqab Stud, grazing and walking around all over the field in full liberty without any borders or fences, to return every evening herself right in time to her stall for the night. Some months ago, 22-year-old PHANILAH was shipped to the U.S. for having some embryo transfers. Before she passed away, some embryos were able to be produced, so her last foal/s might be born while PHANILAH has already moved to ever green pastures .... ______________________ (09. March 2007)


  New General Manager of the REC in Qatar  

The Racing and Equestrian Club (REC) in Qatar has a new General Manager, Sami Jassim Al Boenain! Coming from a true horseman background, he is a young, dynamic force of the REC for the future. Sami Al Boenain was a successful show jumping rider in the past, and a most talented and entertaining speaker at the Qatar racetrack, and he continued in the head position of the REC's racing department for the last few years. Recently he was named the new General Manager of the REC replacing Saed Al Kuwari. The 16th Qatar International Arabian Horse Festival held at the end of February - beginning of March, was the first under his leadership. It was a great new success for the organizing team! will soon bring you up to date with impressions and the coverage of the 2007 Qatar show!___________________________________(07. March 2007)



Stallion Imperial BAAREZ

  Ansata and Imperial Stud are closing up to history  

The two famous straight Egyptian studfarms are closing up due to individual reasons and age, without any younger family members to take over, Ansata and Imperial Egpytian Stud. Together with Gleannloch Farms who had it's dispersal sale already many years ago, they had been the 'Big Three' in the straight Egyptian breeding in the U.S., starting everything over there in the 60s and 70s, influencing the straight Egyptian breeding worldwide. Ansata is on the last stage of selling the horses and the stud farm property, while Imperial Stud have now announced their 'Good-Bye'. The 2004 Aachen and World Champion Stallion reserve, Imperial Baarez, will stay in the U.S. and gets syndicated to ensure that he stays in the U.S. Ibn Safinaz' book will be closed after this season. Older horses not longer able to breed are placed in nice new homes, other breeding stock to long term clients. Thanks to Douglas Marshall, Judith and Don Forbis, and Barbara Griffith for their longterm power drive and experience. Gleannloch, Ansata and Imperial might be closed and soon be history, but their names, prefixes, and influence in the straight Egyptian breeding will stay! _______________ (05. March 2007)



  Change of Judge at the Dubai show  

The Higher Committee of the Dubai International Arabian Horse Championships 2007 pronounced the change of one person in their former gudges' list. Judith Forbis, from the U.S., will not be able to share the panel and is replaced by Mrs. Titti Gagliani, from Italy, who will be the new judge in Dubai in April._(14. Febr. 2007)



  Results of the 2007 U.A.E. National Show  

The U.A.E. National Show was held at the beautiful Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club on 8th to 9th of February. All four champion titles went to Ajman Stud and Sheikh Ammar, this for his new addition from the U.S., the filly SWEET CAROLINE LL; his homebred colt AJ DINAR; the four-year-old, well known PANAREA; and the leased stallion ESPARTO. The reserve champions are: Al Aryam Stud's three-year-old filly RAS AL SINA (by Gazal Al Shaqab); the Al Qasimi Stables' three-year-old chestnut colt IBN BATRA; Al Zobair Stud's straight Egyptian mare MMECCA; and Al Aryam Stud's great mover, BAKARAT. Congratulations to all winners! Pictures of these champions and reserves will come up soon, updated in our 'Shows' section and amongst the 2007 shows. __________________________________ (10. Febr. 2007)



  European Reserve Champion Filly with new owner  

Another successful European show filly has a new owner - the 2006 European Reserve Champion MYSTERIOUS LADY J! The 2004 born grey by World Champion Stallion and Triple Crown Winner, famous EKSTERN, out of the BANDOS daughter, MORNING LIGHT VF was bred by Christine Jamar of 'Jadem Arabians', Belgium. She was recently purchased by Sheikh Khaled Ahmed Bagedo, successful businessman from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, for his well known 'Al Khaled Farm' in Egypt. Sheikh Khaled Ahmed Bagedo added this lovely filly to his new show collection and will compete for his Al Khaled Farm in the future. Good luck to all, especially to MYSTERIOUS LADY J! __________________________________________________ (06. Febr. 2007)



  News from the DIAHC 2007  

The 4th Dubai International Arabian Horse Championships (DIAHC), will be held on 02.-04. April, is making great and most active progress. This year's judges of the show are: Judith Forbis from the U.S.; Silvia Garde-Ehlert and Walter Koch, both from Germany; Dr. Nasr Marei from Egypt; Jerzy Bialobok, Director of Michlaow Stud from Poland. Several horses from all over Europe have already taken the tremendeous challenge to come to the DIAHC which includes taking up the great challenge at the specific 'Dubai Gold Cup' (DGC). ____________________ _ (30. Jan. 2007)



  MARAJJ returns to the U.S.  

A 'world traveller' still of young age, with already experience in three continents, 2006 World Reserve Champion Colt MARAJJ just landed again in his original country of birth, the U.S. where he will stay at Brookeville Arabians for 2007 to be bred to some of the best mares there. Born in 2004, MARAJJ was purchased in yearling age by Sheikh Mohammed Saud Al Qasimi, just shortly before his first, but instant great success at the Scottsdale show. In 2006, he moved to his new home in the desert emirate Sharjah, in the United Arab Emirates,and competed successfully at the Ajman, Dubai and Sharjah shows, before flying over again to Europe to compete at the 2006 shows there. A few days ago, MARAJJ landed back to the U.S. - good luck! ____________________________________(27. Jan. 2007)



  Polish stallion ESPARTO savely arrived in Ajman  

The Polish stallion ESPARTO (Ekstern x Ekspozycja) has safely arrived in Ajman, in the United Arab Emirates. HH Sheikh Ammar Bin Humaid Al Nuaimi became aware of this young stallion during his appearance and excellent success at the All Nations Cup show and the European Championships 2006 in Moorsele, and has leased the five-year-old for a period of two years. At the World Championships in Paris in December 2006, ESPARTO was already presented to TOP TEN by both, the owner Michalow Stud, Poland, and leased to Ajman Stud, United Arab Emirates! At the beginning of January 2007, ESPARTO entered his new stable at Ajman Stud, and enjoyed the temperatures and ladies waiting for him in his new home. _______________________________________ _______________ (22. Jan. 2007)



Eskalopka, Alfonsina, SC Dagash

  Albidayer Stud with great success  
Albidayer Stud, Sharjah, won three championship titles at the 2007 UAE national show in Ajman (see "Shows" section). The Champion Mare trophy (a car to each champion!) went to SAN JOSE ALFONSINA, a lovely 9-year-old from Chile; the Reserve Champion Mare was Michalow bred ESKALOPKA, and Champion Stallion the 5-year-old perpetous show contender, SC DAGASH. Congratulations to Sheikh Mohammed Saud Al Qasimi and his team, who are all still overwhelmed by the wonderful success of their colt MARAJJ winning the 2006 Reserve World Championship in Paris just one month ago! ____________________ (22. Jan. 2007)




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