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____________________________________________________________________________________________ wishes you all a Merry Christmas,
and a successful, peaceful and happy New Year 2012!

_______________________________________________________ (23. Dec. 2011)


The 2012 Al Khalediah Arabian Horse Festival (AKAHF) is scheduled!


For the fifth time in a row, the Al Khalediah Farm in Tebrak, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, will again host the prestigeous Al Khalediah Arabian Horse Festival and Show. With the new manager Ronny Vosch in the lead, the festival is scheduled to take place from 23rd to 27th January 2012.
Starting with the Endurance race, followed by the Arab horse Flat Racings at the farm internal Al Khalediah Racetrack, continuing with the famous and major 3-day- International ECAHO A-rated Show.
More information will follow soon - stay tuned with us, or follow up the official AKAHF website.
____________________________ (04. Nov. 2011)


The 2011 U.S. National Senior
Champion Mare PANAREA

  U.S. Nationals 2011 - PANAREA & Ajman Stud did it again...  

The U.S. Nationals 2011 were held in Tulsa, Oklahoma, during 21. to 29. October. Last year, the famous Ajman Stud of HH Sheikh Ammar Bin Humaid Al Nuaimi sent lone of their mares to this major show, and celebrated their U.S. National Champion Mare Eagleridge Passionata. This year, they sent the 8-year-old PANAREA, best known and already many times champion in international and major shows. In 2011, she had taken the Gold titles as Champion Mare at the prestigeous Al Khalediah International A show, as well as the 2011 Las Vegas Arabian Breeders World Cup Show. Shown in Tulsa by her long term handler Frank Spoenle, she presented herself to her best, impressed in her stand-up pose, and especially with her wonderfully long, elegant and outstanding arched neck, added by great type and a huge dark eye, and she blew everyone away. Winning the class of Mares 8 Years and over, she was already named a U.S. Champion Mare. She then entered the Finals.... and won against all the other well honored and a successful mares to carry back home to Ajman and the United Arab Emirates the title as the 2011 U.S. National Senior Champion Mare. PANAREA and Ajman Stud - they did it again. Congratulations to all her team!____ (30. Oct. 2011)



The Belgian Ronny Vosch,
is the new manager of
the Al Khalediah festival

He starts in October 2011
taking the lead of the management
of the AKAHF, and replaces...

...Melanie Mannix,
who made and leaded until this
international major event to
highest standard and success.

HRH Prince Khaled bin Sultan
highly appreciates her great work
but understands and accepted
her personal decision to leave
this important key position of
the AKAHF after four years to

moving back home to Australia

  Ronny Vosch new Manager of the Al Khalediah Festival  

The prestigious Al Khalediah Arabian Horse Festival (AKAHF) in Saudi Arabia has a new festival manager. The Belgian Ronny Vosch takes over the position of Melanie Mannix, who has made a personal decision to return home to Australia. However, prior to departing, she promised HRH Prince Khaled bin Sultan Al Saud, the patron of the AKAHF event, that she would assist in finding the right person to hand over the management of the Festival to ensure its continued success. And so she did!  After several weeks and months, and many talks, she found the right person in the Belgian, Ronny Vosch, a horse man in the truest sense.  Ronny is an Arabian horse owner and breeder, a rider and FEI judge.  Ronny is strongly involved in the endurance discipline, and also best known in the show community as "Lord of the Rings" - one of the best international ringmasters in our days. During his lifetime, Ronny has worked in several, and differing industries, amassing experience which he will find invaluable in taking on this new role.  Additionally Ronny’s command of the French, Dutch, German, and English languages will be a welcome asset to the Festival team. For sure, it will be a huge challenge to follow such a top manager and organizer like Melanie Mannix.  Melanie’s ground-work and success she leaves behind attributes her to being one of the very best show organizers of our days - worldwide! It was not by coincidence that she was approached to become the manager of a newly intended Al Khalediah show in Saudi Arabia back in 2007. A native Australian, Melanie lived and worked in Dubai since 2000, and it was there that she was first introduced to the Arabian horse and the disciplines in which it competes.  Melanie’s involvement in the first Dubai International Arabian Horse Championship in 2004, and subsequent management has taken the show to it’s elite level today. Early on, Melanie was approached from the private office of HRH Prince Khaled, proud owner of the Al Khalediah Farm and Stables.  They were seeking a capable person to bring to fruition an idea and vision of HRH Prince Khaled bin Sultan, The Al Khalediah Arabian Horse Festival.  HRH Prince Khaled bin Sultan knew the quality of Melanie’s work through his regular visits, and participation in the Dubai show. Melanie could not refuse this challenge to lead the Al Khalediah Festival as its manager in Saudi Arabia, and YES, she did it again! To establish and implement an ‘idea and vision’ to such a prestigious level, increasing the show from an international ECAHO B-show to A-level, even against the many obstacles faced, is a feat in itself.
The AKAHF event is, and always will be, undoubtedly associated (in part) to her name. Melanie was “the name and face” that was the connection to the Festival for many, and it was her friendly nature and personal attention that allowed the many participants to compete with confidence and ease. 
With Ronny Vosch stepping in to the Managers position, Melanie has confidence that the right person has been chosen to replace her and lead the Festival into the future. Her experienced office team will stay on with Ronny to provide support and their experience will be a huge benefit to Ronny as he finds his feet. To order to ensure Ronny’s first festival runs smoothly, Melanie will stay on in a consulting role to assist and advise.  She will also be on hand in Saudi Arabia in January in the lead-up, and during the Festival in January 2012. 
With a smile on his face, Ronny Vosch is looking forward to his new challenge. Together with his wife, he moves over to Saudi Arabia in the coming weeks to start his new post by October 2011._________________________ (16. Sept. 2011)



Gold Champion Mare and
'Best in Show' SIMEON SEHAVI

  Egyptian Event Europe 2011 - Lanaken, Belgium  

During the weekend of 16th and 17th July, 2011, the Egyptian Event Europe was held once again in Lanaken, Belgium. Normally the show is scheduled for the beginning of August, but due to the holy month of "Ramadan" starting very early August this year, the show date was changed. About 80 straight Egyptian horses competed in the halter classes, judged by a five-headed panel from Italy, Poland, Germany, Wales and the U.S. And interesting, among them were two handlers/trainers. The EEE is a non-ECAHO show which means free rules for the show organizers. This was also reflected in the final championships where each horse from the group could be chosen as Gold Champion, and so it happened to a 2nd placed horse. Gold Champion Filly was the chestnut two-year-old TF SHARAAZ (Botswana x Shaamis Amira), bred by Talaria Farm, USA, owned by GT Arabians. The Gold Champion Colt was the three-year-old AL AYAL (Al Ayad x The Vision HG), bred by Ariela Arabians, Israel, owned by the Al Ayal Partnership. The Gold Champion Mare came from the Dubai Stud, the 1999 born MALIK grand daughter SIMEON SEHAVI (Asfour x Simeon Sheba), and the Gold Champion Stallion came from Italy, FRASERA RAMSES SHAH (Shahil x Ansata Nefer Isis). He is also born in 1999, and bred and owned by Francesco Santoro. The final honors for "Best in Show" was achieved by the Champion Mare SIMEON SEHAVI. ______(19. July 2011)



'Best-in-Show' - Filly PIACENZA

  PIACENZA - a special Offer at the Pride of Poland 2011  

The two-year-old QR Marc daughter PIACENZA (out of the Primawera, by Emigrant) is the new unveiled surprise and special addition to the already published list of the 'Pride of Poland' auction 2011 held pn 5 - 7 August in Janow.
PIACENZA was shown throughout last year at the Polish Nationals as well as at international shows, always succeeding in excellent judging and placed in the top rankings, including the Bronze medal at the 2010 Polish Nationals, overall 'Top Five' at the 2010 European Championships in Moorsele, and 'Top Ten' at the 2010 World Championships in Paris in December.
Last weekend at the Bialka Junior Spring Show in Poland adding to her present record list, she was crowned the GOLD Champion Filly with the highest scores. No wonder she was also awarded as 'Best in Show'. More information and pictures of the Bialka Junior Spring Show will soon be in our 'SHOWS/Events' section.
For more information about the 2011 'Pride of Poland' auction and sales list - click to find here! ___________________________________________ (06. June 2011)



Champion Mare PANAREA

  Ajman Stud reigns again in Las Vegas  

Once more, HH Sheikh Ammar bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, owner of the most successful Ajman Stud in the United Arab Emirates, sent of his horses to the United States to compete at the 2011 Arabian Breeders World Cup in Las Vegas. And again he was most successful - and won! His well known, successful Champion Mare PANAREA (WH Justice x Palawan) was shown, impressed the judges and audience also there, and became Senior Champion Mare. This after she had already started up her 2011 show season with the Gold medal at the prestigeous Al Khalediah International Show in Saudi Arabia in January, and the Bronze medal at the Dubai International ECAHO-Title Show in March. Another well know female contender in Europe and the Middle East was the three-year-old ALMA AL TIGLIO (by Ajman Moniscione) shown since December last year for both, Ajman Stud, who leased her, and the Buzzi family from Italy, who owns her. ALMA AL TIGLIO became Junior Champion in Las Vegas, after her outstanding row of success as multiple 2009/2010 Champion Filly in Europe, and the 2011 Al Khalediah International and 2011 Dubai International Gold Champion Filly in the Middle East.____(28. April 2011)



Jaroslav Lacina,
the new ECAHO President

  New ECAHO Board since 6th March 2011  

The AGM of the ECAHO was held on 4th to 6th March 2011 and provided some new elections. Toto Moddermann, The Netherlans, was re-elected with majority as the Chairman of the Sport Commission (EAHSpC). Two days later, the Annual General Meeting elected a new President and three members of the Executive Committee. Jaroslav Lacina, from the Czech Republic, became President to replace the former president Willy Luder. HRH Princess Alia from Jordan was chosen as Chairman of the Show Commission. The three available positions within the Executive Committee went to two new members, Claudia Darius from Germany and Christiane Chazel from France. And the third chair available went again to Christine Jamar from Belgium while re-elected. The other board members staid as they are: Essam Abdulla from the United Arab Emirates as Vice-President; Winand Bijnens from Belgium as Chairman of EAHRIC; Dr. Marek Trela from Poland as Treasurer; and Anna Stoianowska from Poland as board member. _ (21. March 2011)



Monte Carlo "Arabian Horse Rendez-Vous" show postponed

The show organising team have to announce the postponement of the 2011 «Arabian Horses Rendez-Vous » supposed to be held in May in Monte Carlo. The development work currently being undertaken at the Fontvielle site will not be completed before the end of May, and some areas supposed for the show are affected by the construction. This seriously limits the space allotted to the event and as such makes it impossible to accommodate the necessary stabling facilities and the essential large parking for trucks and trailers. This is why they have been compiled to postpone the « Arabian Horses Rendez-Vous » till next year. ______________________________________________________________ --(26. Febr. 2011)


  Some provisional 2011 show dates and schedule  

For the final confirmation of the show date, see in the ECAHO site or contact the specific show organizer.
For more informations about the AKAHF Festival visit the official AKAHF website, our preview of the 2011 Auction horses, our coverages of the former AKAHF Festival & Shows, and our Feature about Saudi Arabia.

14.-15. Jan.
AJMAN Show * United Arab Emirates
23.-25. Jan.
26.-28. Jan.
17.-27. Febr.
SCOTTSDALE Annual Arabian Horse Show * Arizona/USA
20.-22. Febr.
QATAR International Show * Doha/ Qatar (ECAHO A-show)
10.-12. March
SHARJAH Int. Show * U.A.E. (none ECAHO show)
17.-19. March
DIAHC -The DUBAI Int. Show * U.A.E. (ECAHO Title show)
14.-17. April
LAS VEGAS World Arabian Horse Breeders Cup * USA
07.-08. May
MONTE CARLO International Show
18.-19. June
MENTON International Championships (ECAHO A-show)
05.-07. August
POLAND National Show & 'Pride of Poland' Auction
03.-04. August
PRAGUE Intercup International Show (ECAHO B-show)
24.-25. Sept.
AACHEN All Nations Cup (ECAHO Title show)
05.-06. Nov.
EUROPEAN Championships, Verona/ ITALY (ECAHO Title show)
09.-11. Dec.
WORLD Championships - Paris (ECAHO Title show)

____________________________________________ (08. Dec. 2010 & 7. Jan. 2011)


ALIDAAR (1984-2010)

One of his promising 2010 sons

  Alidaar (1984 - 2010)  

The straight Egyptian stallion Alidaar, born in the U.S. and owned by Al Shaqab, Qatar, has passed away. As a son of Shaikh Al Badi and out of Bint Magidaa, he was a younger full brother to Ruminja Ali. In the very early 90s, he had already made his name in the U.S. but was over-dominated by his older full brother, Alidaar was sold to Willi and Ursula Poth who shared him in partnership with Jürgen Wölk, another German living in South France and newly involved to Arabian horses. After three years, Jürgen Wölk became the full owner and he leased the stallion temporarily out to Switzerland and Germany. When Alidaar was shown at the Platinum Cup in Oostende in 1995, Sheikh Abdulaziz Bin Khalid Al Thani, from Al Rayyan Farm in Qatar saw him, and negotiated to acquire him. So Alidaar moved to Qatar, where he was intended to be for the Emir's Al Shaqab Stud to enrich it's straight Egyptian breeding program. Between Al Rayyan and Al Shaqab, Alidaar moved several times in period of times to be stabled, before the new management of Al Shaqab took him finally between 2009 to 2010 back to their own stables as being in fact, the owner, and they also used him more intensely in breeding, after Al Rayyan had not used him in the recent past. Of the 2010 foal group sired by Alidaar, there are two colts in that Al Shaqab have some special expectations. One is out Lamia Al Shaqab, who is by the Ansata Halim Shah son Ansata Hejazi, and out of an Ansata Halim Shah daughter. The other one is also a straight Egyptian colt bred and owned by Al Zubara Stud in Qatar belonging to a private breeder. For 2011, Al Shaqab still have several straight Egyptian mares in foal to Alidaar, so his heritage might be continued on both sides, male and female line. Alidaar had some specific health problems for a longer time, while came back to a good stage and spirit the last year, and was sent to Italy for some specific treatment. There he passed away in September 26 years in age.___________________________________________ (27. Dec. 2010)



The Al Khalediah Arabian Horse Festival (AKAHF) 2011

For the fourth time HRH Prince Khaled bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, owner of the famous Al Khalediah Stables, Saudi Arabia, will host the six-day-event of the Al Khalediah Arabian Horse Festiva (AKAHF)l. All parts and events of the festival are held in his private Al Khalediah Farm that is located about 100 km outside the Saudi capital Riyadh. The festival starts on 23rd January with the endurance desert race inside the farm area, followed on 24th by the auction where about 60 Arabian horses from Al Khalediah Stables are offered for sale. On the third day, the 25th of January, a race meeting at the private racetrack, alsoinside the farm, will celebrate five flat racings for Arab horses. And from 26th to 28th the international ECAHO A-rated show is scheduled at the private showground also inside the farm. Entries are open, VIP tables can be booked already, and more informations you find in the official AKAHF website.__________________ _ (24. Nov. 2010)



  Result of the U.S. National Championship 2010, in Tulsa  

The U.S. Nationals 2010 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, were held during the last week of October. Three of the four top championship ribbons in the halter classes were taken by some best known horses especially in Europe and the Middle East.
The 2010 U.S. National Champion Mare was Ajman Stud's Eagleridge Passionata (see her also in our "Portraits" section), a 1999 born Sanadik El Shaklan daughter out of River Oak Dimitry. She already has a long list of top show records and now has added this new top U.S. title.The 2010 U.S. National Champion Stallion Jr. was the 5-year-old Eden C (by Enzo), who was still competing last year throughout the Middle East and Europe under the name of Athbah Stud, from Saudi Arabia who had leased him for one year. Now back at home in the U.S., he came to Tulsa to achieve this great title. And also the U.S. National Champion Stallion Sr. is best know in Europe, as he was bred in Babolna, Hungary. It is Nabila B, the Kubinec son, out of the straight Egyptian Elf Layla Walayla. Shown first successfully in Europe, he was then sold to Brazil, but has been based for years already in the U.S. This was his last show, crowning his show career with the title as U.S. National Champion 2010. ______________ ______ (02. Oct. 2010)



and David Gardner

  The Minstril (1984 - 2010)  

One of the most influential straight Egyptian sires in the U.S. and the last two decades passed away, The Minstril. His breeder and long time owner was Mr. Marketing' himself, David Gardner - one of the best, maybe THE best promoter of the 80s and early 90s. The Minstril and his success was much involved with this name and maybe even reached the success just due to this excellent and creative strategist!
The sire of The Minstril is the famous Ruminaja Ali, a stallion that Gardner had managed most successfully before, even syndicating him for some millions. When The Minstril was born and old enough, Gardner promoted his stallion up in the spotlights and business. In the mid 90s when the industry had collapsed, and when Garnder turned his focus to other fields and interests, The Minstril was handled by the new management with Arabians Ltd.
The Minstril's dam Bahila was a black solid mare who could have had a bit more type in the head. She was imported to the U.S. from Germany in the early 80s, and she was by Ibn Galal 1 out of Bakria, who was a daughter of the Marbach State Stud's black stallion Gharib. So the black colour was deeply involved in this pedigree. The Minstril made a huge impact in the breeding with a big number of foals. The most famous and one of the best at all, is his son Thee Desperado, whose type and influence in the Arabian horse breed and the straight Egyptians is undoubtable. Thee Desperado has also bred a huge number of foals, maybe the most ever in the U.S. straight Egyptian breeding.
In the last few years, the Minstril was limited in breedings while present through all his get, grand get, and great grand get. He was and is one of the straight Egyptians discussed in time to time again in his pedigree. Born in October 1984, The Minstril passed to the 'evergreen pastures' at the last days of August 2010, just about one month before his 26th birthday. ____________ (12. September 2010)



PILAR, the 2010 record seller

... with her buyers and new
owners from Al Shaqab, Qatar

  PILAR record seller of the 2010 'Pride of Poland' auction  

Every year, the Polish stud farms nominate a group of horses for the annual ‘Pride of Poland’ auction that is held at Janow Podlaski at the beginning of August each year and it is combined with the Polish National Show and a stud farm tour to the famous Polish stud farms of Janow Podlaski, Bialka Stud, and Michalow Stud.
In 2010, the Pride of Poland auction offered lots of 36 horses, mostly show and breeding horse of different ages. The event regularly attracts people and buyers from all over the world, but the worldwide economical situation also seems to be reflected a little in the auction as there were not so many buyers there as in previous years. Overall the Polish studs were happy about the result of the sale, even though the record price was much lower than the last few years. The 2010 record seller was the 14-year-old, flea-bitten mare PILAR, a Fawor daughter out of the famous Banat daughter Pipi. PILAR was Polish National Champion Filly in 1997, is a great quality mare, a fantastic mover, with a long and elegant neck, and has proved being a fantastic broodmare. Until now, she has produced eight fillies and two colts, among them the two well known and most successful Gazal Al Shaqab daughters, Pieta and Pinga, and the 2009 auction record seller, Pinta, who sold last year for 500.000 Euro to Halsdon Arabians, Great Britain. So it was more than an excellent and outstanding chance to buy her dam PILAR now, and even for a very nice price of 240.000 Euro 'only'. The buyers came from Qatar, a three-headed team of responsibles of the famous Al Shaqab. "We really hoped that we can get her, she is a magnificent mare and will contribute her qualities and Polish lines to our breeding programme," the manager and head of the Al Shaqab Breeding and Show section. Mohamed M. Al Sulaiti says. "Eventually, we expected her to go much higher in price, so we are really lucky, but also grateful to the Polish studs that we can have now this prestigious mare back home in Qatar and with us at Al Shaqab to breed her to our stallions."
More information and results of the 2010 'Pride of Poland' auction will be published soon in and 'Shows/Events'! ____ (12. August 2010)



Junior Champion & Supreme
Male, FARHOUD Al Shaqab

2010 Champion Mare & Supreme
Female, NEGMA Al Shaqab
  The 2010 Egyptian Event - a unique success for Al Shaqab!  

It was the 30th Anniversary of the Egyptian Event in Lexington, Kentucky/USA held from 7th to 12th of June, and it became a unique success for the Al Shaqab, a Member of Qatar Foundation. Four horses only had been entered and each won the class. To became champion, one reserve, and both Supreme Championships were also achieved by Al Shaqab. "We are very happy," the manager of the Al Shaqab breeding and show department, Mohamed Al Sulaiti, says. "Not only that our horses won, we are also very proud that they are all of our own breeding."
The Champion Mare and unanimous Supreme Champion Female was the most lovely, feminine 1996 born Egyptian sired NEGMA Al Shaqab, a KAJORA daughter and maternal half sister to world famous GAZAL Al Shaqab.
Champion Colt and Supreme Champion Male, also unanimous, became the two-year-old FARHOUD Al Shaqab, an AL AADEED Al Shaqab son out of the lovely JOHARA Al Shaqab (by Imperial Mahzeer).
Negma Al Shaqab and Farhoud Al Shaqab, are both tracing back to most proven lines of the German straight Egyptian breeding. Negma through her sire, who is Safir (Salaa el Dine x Aisha), a descendant of GHAZAL (by Nazeer) on dam's side; and Farhoud, through Imperial Mahzeer, who is a double MALIKAH (by Ghazal). Also the two ribbon winner in stallions, the Champion and the Reserve, improved the quality and dominance of this great straight Egyptian mare and influence. Both were sons by the US imported MISHAAL HP, who is also double MALIKAH through his dam Mesoudah-M. The influence of the classical German, the modern Qatari, and the American bloodlines were interesting to see in this show. Congratulations to all winners of the Egyptian Event 2010.___________(13. June 2010)


____________________________________________________________________________________________ improves number of visits  

Since the startup of in January 2007, the success has been really amazing. We have received response from all over the world, and visitors are from over 50 (!!!) different countries. On the left, you can see the visitor's domainand endings from the last month. Our statistical information reflects and counts each visitor only once, even when one returns repeatedly. has +/- 24.000 visits each month and in March 2010, it had been exactly 26.122 (!!!). We are also very pleased with the response to our banner and logo advertisers, and the wonderful feed-back. _______ (18 May 2010)



GOLD -Supreme Champion
Senior Stallion ESCAPE

Reserve Champion Senior
Mare NEGMA Al Shaqab

  Las Vegas World Cup 2010 ... the Middle East reigns!  

The Las Vegas Arabian Horse Breeders World Cup is established in the International and U.S. show schedule as a most interesting event. Since its conception, Las Vegas has became a major focus in the show circus, and horses from the Middle East are now flown in to compete in this show.
The reigning GOLD Supreme Champion Stallion came from the world famous Ajman Stud - the charismatic, snow white ESCAPE Ibn Navarrone. Most successfully shown in Europe and the Middle East and also a former World Champion Stallion, ESCAPE took the title and the ribbons and made his owner HH Sheikh Ammar Bin Humaid Al Nuaimi very happy and proud. He was also the highest scored horse at the 2010 Vegas show. See his records in our "Portrait" sections. Two other Ajman Stud contenders also took GOLD ribbons. In the Senior Mares, it was the 11-year-old Sanadik el Shaklan daughter, EAGLERIDGE PASSIONATA who has also been successfully shown many times in Europe and the Middle East. In the Junior Mares, it was the two-year-old FELICIA RLC, a Shael El Dream daughter, bred in Brazil and purchased as a weanling.
Another Middle East stud also celebrated great success. The famous Al Shaqab Stud, from Qatar, succeeded in Las Vegas 2010 with the SILVER Supreme Reserve Champion in Mares who was the excellent Saqlawi typed NEGMA AL SHAQAB, a 13-year-old home bred and the maternal half sister to Gazal Al Shaqab (both being out of Kajora). The SILVER Supreme Junior Stallions Reserve Champion was the three-year-old Marwan Al Shaqab son, OFW MAGIC WAN, bred and owned by Orr Farm. Congratulations to all winners, breeders and owners!_____(22. April 2010)



  New exclusive Middle East Sales Agent for 'Schneiders'  

'Al Ward International Horse Company', from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and owned by Ahmed S. Badrig, just signed a contract with the worldwide well known horse supplier and wholesaler company in the U.S., 'Schneiders', to be their exclusive agent for all the Middle East area. Equipment offered from 'Schneiders' can be purchased and ordered now also from 'Al Ward International Horse Company' Jeddah. The contact number is (+966) 506 63 30 30. _______________ (15 March 2010)



Internat'l Multi Champion and
worldwide Champion Producer,
MARWAN Al Shaqab (*2000)

... awarded once again at the
Qatar 2010 Internatinal Show
as "Leading Sire of the Show"

  MARWAN Al Shaqab - Leading Sire in Scottsdale & Qatar  

The path of success marches strongly ahead for MARWAN AL SHAQAB, it is a truly unique one. At just ten years of age, MARWAN Al Shaqab has achieved a major position as sire worldwide, and this after he has himself already won all major titles in halter shows in Qatar, Europe, and the U.S. Now his sons and daughters are carrying on his way of success and the records making him to a leading sire worldwide.
In Scottsdale in February 2010, all halter champions and reserves were sired by Marwan Al Shaqab or his sire, Gazal Al Shaqab, both home bred at Al Shaqab. The well known ABHA PALMA, European and World Champion Filly of 2008, owned by the Al Mohamadia Stud in Saudi Arabia, and a European bred daughter of Marwan Al Shaqab, won Champion Mare and Supreme Champion Female in Scottsdale, while two sons won both titles in stallions, and another one in junior males.
At the same time, MARWAN Al Shaqab was honoured and awarded at the Qatar International Show (ECAHO A-rated) as "Leading Sire of the Show",, with three of his sons and daughters winning Gold and the champion ribbons: the two-year-old KHALIL AL SHAQAB (B./O: Al Shaqab) was Champion Colt; the five-year-old BAANDEROS (O: Al Khalediah Stables, Saudi Arabia) Champion Stallion; and the two-year-old MASHAEL Al Khalediah (B./O. Al Khalediah Stables) Champion Filly.
What a success for MARWAN AL SHAQAB (and also for his sire GAZAL AL SHAQAB who at least, produced him), and this as both, show stallion AND sire - an unique achievement in the all time history and records!______________________(2. March 2010)



  AKAHF 2010 - The Auction catalogue is online  

The Al Khalediah auction catalogue with details and pictures of the offered horses is online!
The AKAHF 2010 auction, held on 25th of January, offers a lot of 60 Arab horses for each purpose, breeding, showing, racing and endurance. The horses can be seen for a first impression in the online catalogue, available at the official website Bidders may find all terms of auction there as well as the registration form in the auction site, to send online or download to fill in and send by fax. Click here to follow up to see! _____________________h (11. Jan. 2010)



  The new Youth Equestrian Society Inc. (Y.E.S.)  

The Youth Equestrian Society Inc., shortly named 'YES', is based in Germany and headed by two most experienced horse people, Mr. Peter Baumann and Mrs. Anke Kehl. Both are longterm equine specialists, in riding, training, breeding. Peter Baumann is involved with Arab horses since his youth, learning at the famous Marbach State Stud in Germany, where he is also degreed from. For many years, he showed Arab horses to success, even to be a World Champion, while his heart was always much with the riding. In the last few years, he focussed to the endurance, competing to lead, but more important for him, to train the horses in a fair base and respect to become a successful endurance horse. He also headed and trained the Jordanian endurance team for about two years.
The concept of the YES - Youth Equestrian Society pursues the aim that youth from all over the world with their partner horse, becoming fair, sporty orientated grown ups on the basic of peaceful togetherness in training and competition.
Young people from all over the world come to them for training and competing on events or just even learn everything about horses.
If you want to be a part of this idea, if you want to know how to apply for a membership, or if you want to sponsor the society, contact the Youth Equestrian Society. E-mail address: Or call the mobile/s:
Mr. Peter Baumann (+49) 1726059132, and/or Mrs. Anke Kehl (+49) 1727815282.
________________________________________________________________________ (10. Jan. 2010)



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