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MONTHLY - January 2009

The Al Khalediah Festival


First of all - ArabianFlashlights.com and the whole team wishes you all a Happy New Year, and a lot of pleasure and joy with your Arabian horse/s .....!

As the old year just ends and the new one just starts, the Arab horse community already begins to focus on to a busy time and schedule. In the middle of January, HH Sheikh Ammar bin Humaid Al Nuaimi is organizing his lovely and well known Ajman Show again, which is an ECAHO C-rated national show. At the mid to the end of January, the first international show comes up, but it is not the first edition and not only a show - it is a six-day-event, presenting the Arab horse in it's versality. We are talking about the Second Al Khalediah Arab Horse Festival, the AKAHF 2009, which is being held from 25.-30. January, and offering the Arab horse in performance through flat racing and an international endurance ride; an Arab horse auction with 60-70 horses of different ages and for different purposes such as for showing, racing, endurance, and for breeding; and finally the three-day International ECAHO "B" rated Show with a focus on the show beauty. Horses from Europe and from several Middle East countries had been invited to fly in and to participate, and to compete in this international show besides all the many participants and breeders from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
ArabianFlashlights.com will keep you informed about this major event.

The stallion pictured in our January 'Monthly' represents the AKAHF 2009 event being one of the horses offered and available at the auction. So watch out for your opportunity - and there are indeed several ones .......

More informations find in the official AKAHF website www.alkhalediah-festival.com




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