MONTHLY - March 2010

Mare ZAREEFA - enjoying her Liberty!


The straight Egyptian horses are from a group of horses of defined bloodline sources which are cultivated and preserved by breeders all over the world. The foundation and famous breeding horses in addition to the well promoted horses that we know very well, sometimes by their improvement in breeding, sometimes just by the talking and chatting. Although there are also many horses out and about to be found at private stud farms that you normally never hear about - even though they are horses of quality!

One such horse is the pictured mare Zareefa Al Badeia, a 2001 born, bred by the Al Badeia Stables in Egypt and owned by HRH Prince Abdulaziz bin Khalid Al Sudairi, an enthusiastic breeder of those lines in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. His farm is some kilometres outside Riyadh, located in a quiet desert area and it is the home of more than one hundred horses of pure Egyptian and of Saudi desert bred lines.

Zareefa Albadeia is by Badran Al Badeia, who is by Moataz (Nasralla x Enayat), and out of Nihal Al Badeia, a 1986 born Ameer Al Badeia daughter. The dam's overall look can be seen much in her daughter, who is one of the best mares of Prince Abdulaziz’s stud farm. Zareefa convinces in her type, quality, solid body, and huge dark eyes, and she always presents herself in an excellent way with a powerful but still feminine style of moving when presented at liberty - a real pleasure to watch.

Indeed, to see the Arab horse at liberty brings you mostly the best and most impressive look out of the horse, the excitement, beauty and expression. When it really comes up to a free acting, powerful movement when the horse curves the neck, tail (naturally!) high and up, using the legs and body structure to give the power from behind becoming "big" in the front. Stopping to stand and snort with wide nostrils, big eyes, nose up toward the sky and telling: 'Here I am.... watch and see me ....'. These are the moments you just enjoy!
It is always nice to see the Arab horse in a wonderful pose in halter, or in a nice portrait moment. But nothing is better than to see and 'feel' a horse at liberty. Enjoy each of those moments you are privileged to meet, share and attend!




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