MONTHLY - June 2010

To make Friendship and Trust!


The beauty of the purebred Arab horse is what often attracts people to this particular breed. Their beauty it is for what these horses are known and famous for all over the world. But when it comes to the character and disposition, many people outside the Arab horse world think these horses are nervous, difficult and crazy. Are our Arab horses really crazy, difficult and nervous?

Whoever takes the time to discover the true character of the Arab horse will love it. The horses may look 'nervous' at times to outside people - especially when the horse shows off it's spirit and charisma or when prancing around the handler, stallions like a 'hot spot', screaming and jumping around when close to other horses. But when one looks closer and closer behind this initial impression then people are amazed and start to question, how can such power and energy be handled by only one man with only a thin lead and halter .....

Sometimes, at first look and impression, things look different than they really are! The Arab horse is not crazy, nervous or difficult. The spirit and charisma is one of the characteristics of this breed and a characteristic that we love to see. Arabian horses are very sensitive by nature and they react immediately to things that other breeds would even not notice or react to. But it is also this sensitivity of the horse that demands the men's respect. Before you can really approach the horse you need to earn it's trust - then you will have it's cooperation.

As the old stories tell us - the bedouins even took their horse into their tents as companions and as a part of the family. The relationship between the Arab man and the Arab horse is described in many stories - and all have the same, the one-and-only base: respect, trust and friendship! Values that should always count in life!




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