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The straight Egyptian filly GHALIYAH Al Zoubara


How beautiful it is to see a horse in liberty and in free spirit! Full of pride, the straight Egyptian filly GHALIYAH AL ZOUBARA trotting and prancing around in the paddock and presenting herself. Her easy flying movement, her elegance and type catch the eye of the beholder. GHALIYAH is bred and owned by Ali Al Misnad who started his stud farm and breeding some time ago. His 'Al Zoubara' farm is located in the north of the peninsula and emirate of Qatar and gives home to a number of straight Egyptians as well as purebreds of different and mixed bloodlines. Al Misnad loves the straight Egyptians and even favors the Dahman Shahwan strain. "My family is fully connected to the Dahman Shahwans, as we are coming from the Al Shahwan family. I give you my full name and you will understand the roots and trace - my full name is Ali Abdulla Bin Ali Bin Misnad Bin Saed Bin Saed Bin Mohammed Bin Nasser Bin Mohammed Bin Ghanem Al Shahwan."
The homebred filly GHALIYAH is definetely one of the horses he loves. Born in 2010, she is by ASHHAL Al Rayyan the great Qatar bred sire who is tracing back in his tail female line to the famous MALIKAH, a mare that doesn't need any more explanations or words. She is not only in her name's sense but also is in facts the Queen and Matriarch of straight Egyptian breeding. She herself is a Dahma Shahwaniya and was the foundation mare of the straight Egyptian breeding programme of the Filsinger Arabians' stud in Germany.
GHALIYAH's dam is the 2004 born INRA Al Shaqab (Wahaf Al Shaqab x Johara Al Shaqab, by Imperial Mahzeer), a young mare that passed away in 2010 and before her last two daughters were born. Also INRA Al Shaqab carries the MALIKAH blood twice in her pedigree through her paternal grand father Imperial MAHZEER, who was Sheikh Nawaf Bin Nasser Al Thani's herd sire at his Al Nasser Stud for many years, and who was also successfully used by the other straight Egyptian breeders in Qatar, and as one of those results INRA Al Shaqab who was born.
In tail female line, GHALIYAH traces back to SAHABA, a 1984 mare imported to Qatar from Egypt in the early 90s. GHALIYAH, in definition of strains and family is a Kohailah Rodania from the Bint Rissala line. Resulting out of an embryo transfer, GHALIYAH has a full sister of same age. It is ALIYAH Al Zoubara, an Al Adeed Al Shaqab daughter, and as with the above pictured GHALIYAH her genetic mother is again INRA Al Shaqab. While GHALIYAH is more stretchy and elegant, and 'flying without wings', also her full sister ALIYAH represents type and quality while different in style. Both fillies carry a part of Al Zoubara Stud's future, and will be future broodmares.




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